ESMM are regularly complimented on the quality of their music. Within the side we have a number of musicians and various instruments which are used both for our dance performances and the “apres dancing” activities until the pubs close. On this page you’ll find an example of some jig tunes played by ESMM.

Our main musicians are (in alphabetical order):

  • Keith Gamble (accordion)
  • Dave Shires (accordion)
  • Dave Stewart (melodeon, recorder)

The music we play to accompany the dances are, by and large, the traditional ones that were collected by Cecil Sharp and his colleagues when the dances themselves were “collected” from the original dancers at the start of the 1900s. Some of the tunes are, quite clearly, of fairly modern (e.g. “Dance Hall) origin, but the majority appear to be ancient and, like the dances themselves, their sources are mostly unknown.

All East Surrey musicians are required to dance with the side before joining the band and this helps to ensure that the music supplements and supports the dance rather than overwhelming it.

The musical style of East Surrey owes much to the tutelage of Martin Jolley (fiddle). Martin was the lead musician of the side for over 30 years until his death in 1996. He has left a worthy legacy.

Click on a link below to hear music from our Repertoire.


Beaux Of London City     

Constant Billy     

Lads A Bunchum     

Postmans Knock     

The Buffoon     


White Ladies     


Beaux Of London City     


Bobbing Around     

Bonny Green Garters     

Maid Of The Mill     

The Quaker     

The Rose Tree     


Black Joke     

Idbury Hill     

William And Nancy     

Young Collins     


Jockey To The Fair     


Queens Delight     

Saturday Night     

The Willow Tree     


Brighton Camp     


Balance The Straw     

Balance The Straw     

Banks Of The Dee     

Bobby And Joan     

Country Gardens     

Dearest Dickie     


Old Woman Tossed Up     

Shepherds Hey     

Shepherds Hey     


The Forester     

The Rose     

The Rose     

The Valentine     


29th Of May     

Haste To The Wedding     

Hunt The Squirrel     

Laudnum Bunches     

Old Molly Oxford     


Milleys Bequest     

Ring O' Bells     

Vandals of Hammerwich     


Constant Billy     

Cuckoo's Nest     

Lads a Bunchum     

Monk's March     

Old Woman Tossed Up     

Orange In Bloom     

Upton Upon Severn

Upton On Severn Stick Dance     


Bacca Pipes     

Bonnets So Blue     

Fool's Jig     

Go and Enlist     

I'll Go And Enlist     

Lumps Of Plum Pudding     

Princess Royal     

Princess Royal, Bledington     

Sherborne Jig     

The Nutting Girl     


Winster Processional