Beaux of London City
Bluebells of Scotland
Constant Billy
Flowing Bowl
Lads a Buncham
Postman’s Knock
Shepherd’s Hey
Adderbury Dance Notes


Beaux of London City
Broad Cupid
Badby Dance Notes


Bobbing Around
Bonny Green Garters
The Quaker
Rose Tree
Bampton Dance Notes


Black Joke
Idbury Hill
Over the Water to Charlie
William and Nancy
Young Collins
Bledington Dance Notes


Jockey to the Fair
Brackley Dance Notes


Room for the Cuckolds
Queen’s Delight
Saturday Night
Willow Tree
Bucknell Dance Notes


Brighton Camp
Eynsham Dance Notes


Balance the Straw
Banks of the Dee
Blue Eyed Stranger
Bobby and Joan
Country Gardens
Dearest Dickey
The Forester
Old Woman Tossed Up
The Rose
Shepherd’s Hey (Signpost)
Old Molly Oxford (Stepback)
The Valentine
Fieldtown Dance Notes


Bean Setting
Getting Upstairs
Hunt the Squirrel
Laudnum Bunches
Rigs o’ Marlow
29th of May
Headington Dance Notes


Milley’s Bequest
Ring o’ Bells
Sherriff’s Ride
Vandalls of Hammerwich
Jenny Lind
Lichfield Dance Notes


Swaggering Boney


Constant Billy
Cuckoo’s Nest
Lads a Buncham
Monk’s March
Orange in Bloom
Old Woman Tossed Up
Sherborne Dance Notes

Upton Upon Severn

Stick Dance
Upton on Severn Dance Notes

White Ladies Aston

Stick Dance
White Ladies Aston Dance Notes


We try to fit in a number of one or two-man jigs into our programme. This not only provides the audience with a bit of variety, but it also gives the non-dancing men a chance of a breather and some liquid sustenance!


Processional dances are sometimes used to start or finish a dancing display, i.e. to get the men onto or off the dancing site in an orderly way!. They are also used, as the name suggests, to move the men from one dancing spot to another, or for the side to join in a larger procession. The dances we use for this are:

Wheatley processional
Winster processional

Dance Notes

ESMM have one of the largest reportoires of any Morris side in the country. We maintain strong reference to the tradition but have our own style which has evolved over the years and as it is a living tradition will continue to do so.

Although this is very much a work in progress, Click on the links for notes on each of the traditions and dances therein that we do, or on the one below for a complete set.

Feel free to download any or all of them.

Complete ESMM Dance Notes 2012 with Key and TOC (PDF)