About Us

IMG_1184Morris Dancing is a living English tradition which has been practised for hundreds of years. It is an immensely enjoyable aerobic and social activity which when done well commands good balance, grace and timing together with an appreciation of many a fine ale. It is part of our unique culture – so be proud of it, support it when you see it but best – participate in it and keep it healthy for generations to come to enjoy. We perform dances from the Cotswolds traditions in sets of six or eight men. Occasionally a Jig danced by one or two men will be incorporated into the programme. We dance for our own and our audiences’ pleasure on village greens and alehouse forecourts throughout Surrey together with our now customary visit to Kent and Sussex over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Our collections, apart from bringing good luck to our audience, enable us to make donations to local charities. Those that have benefited in recent years include; The Royal Marsden Hospital St Raphael’s Hospice British Heart Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis, Rye Church and The English Folk Dance and Song Society. In addition we sometimes arrange specific performances for charitable causes.