Right from the start, ESMM adopted the white shirt, white trousers and purple baldrick. In the early days, however, the baldrick had blue, green and yellow rosettes. In 1953 the oak sprig and Saxon crown rosettes were introduced and these are still in use today.

Early photographs show that hats were not worn but that white shoes were de rigueur!

Tenterden High St on the 1978 "Rye" tour

In 1982, under Dick Larque’s squireship, it was decided to adopt neckerchiefs as part of our regalia. These have continued to be part of our “uniform” – the choice of neckerchief colour being left to each man.

The official description of our regalia, as taken from our annual Programme is:

“White trousers, purple baldrick with oak sprig at front crossing and Saxon crown at rear crossing”.



The Oak Sprig and Saxon Crown designs are illustrated in the photograph above and in more detail on our Home page. Our footwear is now definitely black shoes and, despite lengthy discussions at some of our AGMs, ESMM do not wear hats!