ESMM launch new website

Here it is the new ESMM website. It looks and is quite different from the old one. We hope you like it.

There are some major changes to the design of it and although we have maintained all of the previous websites contents there is a unique look and feel to it so they may be in new locations.

To summarise the changes are;

  • New home screen which has subsections for the latest updates or posts like this one together with smaller sections highlighting the next activity we are involved in, together with recent video of us. There are also links to other ESMM content on both Twitter and facebook, allowing you to follow and like us.
  • There are the familiar tabs across the top that link to pages that don’t change too often. We have added some new links, in particular, video and two relating to some of our past members worthy of note.
  • The biggest change is in how to find where we are performing in the current Programme which is accessed differently. Firstly now you can find out where via the “See us” page which is now fully integrated with Google Maps. It is also searchable by date and/or location, providing postcodes for those who come to see us using satnavs.
  • The Calender is also searchable and downloadable so you can find out when we are performing and load the Programme into the most popular electronic calendars i.e. gmail or outlook.
  • Some sections are still being worked i.e. Gallery and Members which will update shortly.
  • Further work is planned to put our archive online.

Please have a good look around the website and if you have any comments or suggestions please email

Welcome to the East Surrey Morris Men’s website

 Morris Dancing is a living English tradition which has been practised for hundreds of years. It is an immensely enjoyable  aerobic and social activity which when done well commands good balance, grace and timing together with an appreciation of many a fine ale. It is part of our unique culture – so be proud of it, support it when you see it but best – participate in it and keep it healthy for generations to come to enjoy. Continue reading