Top Form Atop the Surrey Hills

A regular and popular evening on the agenda, tonight’s visit was bathed in glorious sunshine, as seen by the sunlit common in the background of the some of the pictures.

Our first visit, at the Sportsman, had us dancing some old favourites starting with an Upton Stick dance, normally one we save for later in the evening when the blood has started flowing (and, let’s face it, so has the ale!). The energetic start set the tone for the evening as man piled in to be part of the action we actually had enough for two sets at one point.

We always get a friendly welcome at the Sportsman but it would have to be said that the evening was finished off in the grandest of styles at our next stop, The Tree on Box Hill. Now, we do usually get warm welcomes from most of the pubs we visit, sometimes a free drink or something to eat. Few landlords stretch to achieving what the gallant Kyle did at the Tree and come out from behind the bar and join in. I’ve attached a video of what was a remarkably proficient effort given that he’d never seen Morris Dancing before. (I should say in his defence, he doesn’t normally serve drinks in this attire, he was actually working outside when we arrived). Thank you to Kyle and Becky for being such great hosts.